I Won't Tell Anyone

When one of my oldest friends, JoEllen, asked me to visit Fredericksburg, VA to tell a story about my family, it wasn't a question of "if" but "which one."

My family lives to share stories. When we're together, we gather for multi-course Vietnamese meals, and relive our childhoods. And though I loved performing, and also listening to storytelling podcasts, I had never gone on stage to share. It was one of those: one of these days I'll do it. But after years of waiting for the right opportunity, I realized it'd never come if I didn't go up and try myself. It didn't hurt, that my friend JoEllen saw that too.

So, the first time I ever went on stage for a storytelling event was at the (now radio show) Tell Fredericksburg.

This story in particular was for a SHORT-storytelling competition where all the competitors had to keep their story under 2-minutes. It was the first time I ever won a cash prize for performing on stage.